Marie D Sewah

Dancing is life and I have a strong passion for it. I dance to all type of music and instruments. I am the founder of diamond girls dance troupe based in New York City.

I started dancing at the age of 6, mostly to Congolese music, I have work with Isaac Kataley , Simba, Perfecta and various Soukous Stars.

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Tshibangu Kadima 

TOURING Coordinator


Cell: 339-293-2398


Tel: 781-438-6103 


Soukous Stars
Soukous Stars is a band comprising known stars of Soukous Music who have contributed to the sound as we know it today.  Lokassa Ya Mbongo, Ngouma Lokito, Ballou Canta and Shimita El Diego formed the Soukous Stars with master guitarist Dally Kimoko in 1990 as an outgrowth of their experiences playing together in Les Quatre Etoiles in the 80s.

Rachel M. K. Mate

When I turned 13 I was able to auditions for the company Barbizon and made the cut in being one of the top 5 girls in the entire audition. Earlier on this year on the 16th of August I participated in the a pageant for Congo representing both Congo Brazzaville and Congo Kinshasa and won the competition with my (focus) platform on education and how educating our young will be beneficial to our future and our society. I enjoy the challenge to convey the message, to tell the story that the designer envision through clothing while remaining myself.
Crystal Beauty Show

The Crystal Beauty Talk Show is raising funds for behind the scenes expenses of production costs.

The Crystal Beauty Show is a talk show that seeks to inspire, entertain and educate its viewers through demonstrations and interviews on the creation and valorization of African culture and beauty. It is hoped that this will help give African beauty and aesthetic values a more competitive place at the inter-continental cultural scene. The show is designed for the African Audience and beyond, focusing on aspects of beauty from an African perspective. The show is currently aired online on Nigerian and Cameroonian online TV Channels. We intend to raise funds to get the show on TV.

Natasha Ant

Every opportunity the fashion industry has offered to me have been incredible experiences. There is always someone who like my smile and the delicate traits of my face. What drives me the most are the fashion shows and photo shoots that take place outdoors, in a studio or at a specific emplacement. The implicit meanings and artistic expressions suggested in every photo shoot or fashion show are what make them special to me. I’m a hard worker and I never give up until I get what I want. It’s sometimes challenging, but that’s what makes it enjoyable. I like most the thrill of being in front of the camera since I’m really timid. But once I get comfortable, there’s nothing that can stand between me and the camera or audience. It has nothing but positive impact on my self-confidence.

The most challenging element about the modeling industry is the competitive spirit that comes along with it. I am challenged to stay focused and productive when being surrounded by people with different types of personalities. Despite the fact that the competition can sometimes get vicious, I learn to keep an open mind and collaborate with my colleagues.

Sloan-Pry Ambs

I see life as a fun journey to live and I don't like to limit myself from doing things I may enjoy. I'm full of surprises. I am an "anti-routine person" and the only things I don't like to see changing are my relationship with the people I love. As a model/actress my experience has been divers and, indeed I've had great moments such as working as a promo model for Jagermeister for almost two years, representing the brand around Canada. Among my experiences, I've done photo shoots, videos, featured in a French movie recently playing a small act but I'd classified this one as my best experience because at that time I've never had this much fun ever. I surrounded of great people in a heavy metal ambiance that I never thought I'd love so much,

I've once done a voodoo photo shooting with a creative photographer specialized in fetish art. His work involves shooting women wearing latex. Together we shot a very realistic voodoo scene. Finding contracts when you're black and short is difficult . And once you are booked, sometimes we deal with "insecure personalities". Most people I work with appreciate my commitment. Photographers love my features. Some are very into black African culture but they have a hard time figuring out where I am from. They love the sound of my talking voice and enjoy keeping them guessing my origin.

Shako Dimoke

My name is Shako Dimoke. I'm 21 year old. My favorite modeling experience is that of Lasalle college in 2011. I was chosen among 300 participants and have been selected amid 10 finalists for one of the biggest modeling agency in Montreal. I'm very sociable. My laugh is contagious as well as my smile. I am all about exploration and discovery of the world. I enjoy traveling to exotic places and reading books about historical knowledge. I love eating the meal that I cook. Last but not least I have a wonderful identical  twin sister.



What I like about modeling is the creative environment, specifically the designer clothing and the stylish jewelry pieces of any type. I love the feminine side of the industry. All these qualities add a personal touch to my work art. However, sometimes the competition in modeling can become aggressive and confrontational.  Breaking of that comfort zone is a big challenge for me. I have to stay focus and professional.

Some of our dancers are involved in modeling.  Rumbafrica  performs in special events requiring use of models for fashion show with music, beauty show with African music and models to promote products.  For your special events, you should specify if  you need music only, music with dancers or music and models.

In white dress, Iro, Miss Lagos State - Nigeria.  She is a UMASS-Boston graduate and She is a church going girl.
In swimsuits, from Sierra Leon, Miss Jinna dances and models.  She is going to nursing school.                      

We have provided this platform to allow women with 

talent to showcase their beauty and culture using

music, dance and modeling.  This is one of the way to 

serve humanity by giving back to the communities and realize talent dreams.