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Models that have talent such as dancing, singing or acting have the opportunities to perform around the country with band RUMBAFRICA who has incorporate MODELING, MUSIC and DANCING


 Tshibangu Kadima 

Director / Music & Modeling



48 Pleasant St, #13

Stoneham, MA 02180



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Lizzy Amas

Lizzy Amas was the Hostess of "Models Night" Fashion show that => organized in the greater of Boston (Cambridge MA) on Sunday, July 20th, 2014. At the end of fashion show. She was interviewed by the director of, Mr. Tshibangu Kadima who asked her to tell her audience about her modeling experiences.


Modeling is part of my world and I have had several favorite modeling opportunities and experiences in and out off United States. I can’t pick out one right now, but I will say One of my best moments was when I was featured in Vogue Russia and got interviewed by a reporter from BBC. Those moments are unforgettable as it happened at the peak of my modeling career. It's a memory I can’t forget.


I just want my audience to know I am down to earth, I don’t want to use the term HUMBLE”. But I am very fun, interactive, and reachable. I love traveling and meeting different people, knowing their cultures/traditions. I also love taking pictures, I can’t stop taking pictures and most importantly I love runway.

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RUMBAFRICA presents African music and dances sharing the rich diversity that the African cultures offer the world.  We train models that have a passion for dance and give the opportunity to perform around the country in theaters and festivals as well as in fashion shows.  Our models are paid for their services.  We back up African artists that are in Tour in USA and Canada.  We handle booking of bands in our roster.

We manage bands, dancers and models.  We are the only agency that provides models that can also dance varieties of dances representing the diversity in African Diaspora.  Our models are available for Festivals, Functions, Parties and more

You can choose from the list on the right the artist you want to perform at your special event.  

Models, dancers and bands are available.

Fri. Aug 08, 2014 -  African Drumming & Dance in Roxbury MA

Sat. Aug. 16, 2014 | Veteran Memorial Park, Manchester NH
Wed. Aug. 27th - Thu. 28th 2014 - York College | Jamaica NY
Friday, Aug. 29th - Aug. 31 |  Concerts in San Diego, CA

Lizzy Amas

BET Rip the runway behind the scenes
Edited by Kecia Flan Cole
Workshop Content
Many students in the USA do not know much about what is happening in other parts of the world.
For Example, many do not know that Africa is not a country, but is actually comprised of Independent
nations, each with its own government, cultural heritage, music and dance styles, dress codes and
languages, and including several different races, including Arabs.  It is important for students to
learn about American way of life - but also about how all people who share the world with them live.

As an Artist-in-Residency, I am expected to touch briefly on geography, history, political and social
structures of my country - The Democratic Republic of CONGO and my continent - AFRICA.  I make
an assumption that the students know nothing, and provide the basic information about my country.

Rumbafrica was founded in 1992 by Tshibangu Kadima, who was born in Lubumbashi in Congo.

Kadima came to the U.S. originally to study Computer Engineering and graduated from 

Northeastern University.  He introduced New England to SOUKOUS music.  The Boston-based 

group performs music and dance combining rhythms of traditional Congolese rumba 

(a variant of the Cuban rumba) with the modern non-stop soukous beat.

Kadima composes and writes the troupe’s songs and choreographs their dance.  Their repertoire

includes songs in French, Swahili, Tshiluba and English and reflects Kadima’s hopeful vision of life

and his prayer for positive change in Congo.  Kadima songs convey a message of peace.

He conducts entertaining and educational workshops in schools and universities around the country.

Rumbafrica is the Boston area’s premier dance band and has received numerous awards including 

the Boston Music Awards for Outstanding World Music Act in 1995 and an Award at Artscap 97 Festival

in Baltimore MD for Outstanding World Music Act.

 Rumbafrica has been selected for listing in the Massachusetts Touring Roster.  Presenters will be

 eligible to apply to receive fee support for the band.  To find out the guideline and deadline 

call (617) 951-0010 or visit:  Presenters from other New England states are eligible

to apply for fee support through the New England States Touring program, which is also administrated by 

New England Foundation for the Arts.  Here is very important website about rumbafrica: http://www.creativeground

Education of Audience about Traditional and Contemporary Music and Dances
Our performers educate the audience about African Traditional and Contemporary music and dances, about the relationship between rhythms and movements, emphasizing how to hear the different parts of the rhythms, the body movements with which they are associated and the accurate timing of their integration.  The audience discovers models that can dance well.